Who We Are

Hello daydrinkers, we are Katie & Nikki, best friends whose lifelong dream is to open our very own coffee shop. We met behind the bar of our favorite shop, The Village Grind. Katie worked at TVG for 7 years while Nikki worked at Due South and TVG for a combo of 5 years. It was at The Village Grind that we fell in love with the Greenville community and we're excited to open our very own shop on August 26, 2023. We think that there’s power behind meeting up for a cup of coffee or when a barista remembers your name from “last time.”

On Espresso, we will offer our very own “a daydrinkers blend,” a combination of beans grown on farms in Honduras, Ethiopia, and Colombia. Co-curated by us and our talented friend Will Schurtz of Methodical Coffee.

In the mood for a classic cup of drip? We are so proud to offer blends from our good friends, Clary Coffee. Not a coffee drinker? Pick from Chai, Loose leaf tea, locally made pastries and matcha.

Thank you for being a part of our story. Here's to sipping, connecting, and embracing the joy of being daydrinkers together. Cheers! ☕